Infants are already at sea! 14/02/2019

Infants are already at sea!

Happy relaxation time, sea tan, varied cuisine. But you have a baby in your arms and thousands of questions in your head. With each new question, you are inclined to think that it is worth postponing the trip until the baby is older. I assure you that everything is possible! Most importantly, we exclude medical contraindications. And now the bad advice on the example of a trip to the hotel "Papillon Belvill" in 2013.
What to take with you. Forget about medicines, what can happen in 10 days? Tested sunscreen takes up too much space. The usual mixture is generally heavy and uncomfortable in cans. It is better to collect a lot of different clothes, for yourself and your child, because Turkey is a wild land that does not sell the same clothes at the price of the manufacturer.
Flight. We flew 4.5 hours a day. Forget about toys and rattles, let the baby gnaw a magazine, kindly provided by a flight attendant. Also, leave the usual food, if you are on artificial feeding, what could be better than onboard food and cute nuts snacks. You are flying to a hot country, you should not wear a child warmer on the plane, and he will get used to the air conditioner. In no case, do not walk along the corridor of the plane with a crying child! Tie him tightly with a seat belt, he will soon get tired and fall asleep himself. Swear and respond to every angry look from other passengers. In abuse and time will fly by!
Arrival and accommodation at the hotel. Throw things, run to the sea! Immediately immerse the child in the salty sea with your head, let fatigue and negative leave. On the suggestions of the staff about the tour, additional information about the hotel and the conditions of accommodation, free baby cot and babysitting services, kindly refuse why litter your head. A swimming vest and a lap is a whim and a waste of money.
Rest in the hotel. Ignore the children's cafe, game rooms, classes with children's trainers. The baby is still small and can lie under the sun without sunscreen, looking at the chloride waters of the pool. Often go out with the child in the dining heat in the sun, because so few people at this time on site. Do not relax, constantly walk in tension, abuse food, various drinks and do not deny yourself the pleasure to slander in the direction of other vacationers. Holding the child in your arms, feel free to rush into the raging sea, strong waves - this is free entertainment.
Arriving at home, the end of vacation. Do not caress, do not indulge the whims of the baby, as acclimatization is a myth.
Have a good rest, love your children, enjoy the sea.

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